Machine Polishing is a complex and time-consuming process. Just like getting your hair cut you can remove paint, but you can't put more back, So making sure that the correction process being performed on your vehicle is done correctly is very important for the health of your paint system. 



  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.
  • Wheels Cleaned and Decontaminated.
  • Arches Deep Cleaned.
  • Door Shuts Degreased.
  • Wash using two bucket method using a Microfibre wash mitt.
  • Tar and Iron Fallout removed from all exterior surfaces.
  • Paintwork Clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout.
  • Exterior safely dried.
  • Machine polishing stage carried out to remove defects from paintwork.
  • Exhausts/Chrome polished.
  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork. (If requested) 
  • Ceramic coating applied to Glass to aid water sheeting and beading in bad weather conditions. (If requested) 
  • Ceramic coating applied to wheels, callipers and exhaust to prevent brake dust build up, tar spots and aid easy maintenance. (If requested) 
  • Tyres and rubber trims treated and dressed.

Paintwork Enhancement 

Our Single Stage Machine Polish removes up to 60%+ of light to medium defects such as swirls and marring from your vehicles painted surfaces.

One set of passes using a one step compound 


from £290

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Paintwork Correction

After the decontamination process, we will first use a set of passes to chase out all deeper defects in the vehicles paint work then follow with a finishing polish to refine the finish to truly make your car look like it’s just stepped out the showroom. 

We can remove 90% + of defects with this service.

One set of passes using a heavy cutting compound 

One set of passes using a finishing compound 



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Add ceramic protection to lock in the achieved results:

Gtechniq Exo (18 Months Durability)


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & Exo (5 Years Durability)


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra & Exo (9 years Durability)


Gtechniq C5 Wheel & Calliper Coating


Gtechniq G1 Window Coating


Gtechniq Interior Protection


When contacting please ensure you provide accurate information regarding the make, model and colour of your vehicle to allow for accurate quotation. Please note, due to timescales involved as part of our booking process small non refundable deposits are required to secure your booking slot.

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