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Breathe easy with Detail

DETAIL only use the very best quality products available. We are constantly trying new products and only choose those that offer the best in terms of results. Value for money is always a consideration, but often by spending a bit more the results more than justify the extra outlay, Gtechniq being an example of this, a higher outlay being reflected in the finish and durability.

New Budget Valet and Budget Wash 

Perfect for those after a quick clean and/or tight budget with a completion time of 1h 30 mins we give your vehicle a general interior and exterior clean, great if you don’t have time or space your self! Even better that we’re located in town you can use this opportunity to leave your car while you go shopping!

Wash (body and wheel faces)

Vehicle dried

Vacuum interior

Dress tyres 

      (Also offering a Budget Wash for £19)

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Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Signature Wash 


Approximately 1h

Our Signature wash includes wheel faces and barrels cleaned, wheel arches degreased and cleaned, body will be snowfoamed and hot water pressure washed, body hand washed using top quality wash mitt, rinsed and dried using top quality drying towels including body, wheels and door shuts then tyre dressing applied.

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Basic Valet 


Approximately 4h 

Our Basic valet includes our signature wash adding a degrease and clean of door shuts, mats shampooed, interior plastics and leather cleaned and dressed, all carpets hoovered to the highest standard and windows cleaned inside and outside.

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Basic Valet Plus 


Approximately 5h 

Our Basic Valet to which we add a top quality hand wax, exterior plastics dressed and Exhaust tips polished.

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Full Valet 


Approximately 7h 

Our Basic Valet plus to which we add headlining cleaning, deep clean of interior plastic, carpets shampooed, seats shampooed and if leather deep cleaned and conditioned using top quality products. 

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Signature Valet 


Approximately 2 days 

Full Valet to which we add a chemical decontamination including tar removal and fallout remover, clay barred and a single stage machine polish to give that showroom look.

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Full Paint Correction 


Approximately 4 days 

This package is intensive machine polishing to remove as many paint defects as possible and provide you car with a better the new finish.

Please chose a valet to go with this package.


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Maintenance Valets 

Custom packages for each individual clients needs for the purpose of maintaining a vehicles finish. 

Ceramic protection

Please follow the link to our gtechniq page.