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Breathe easy with Detail

DETAIL only use the very best quality products available. We are constantly trying new products and only choose those that offer the best in terms of results. Value for money is always a consideration, but often by spending a bit more the results more than justify the extra outlay, Gtechniq being an example of this, a higher outlay being reflected in the finish and durability.

Our Valeting Services 

Prices Listed are approximate based on an hourly rate. 

Signature Wash  


Approximately 1h 

A Intense wash of your vehicle using a 2 bucket safe wash method reducing the risk of swirling. We include wheel arches, door shuts cleaned when a interior package is added,  inside of the wheels cleaned and tyres dressed to give your car a professional cleaned look. 

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Exterior Valet 


Approximately 1.5h - 2.5h

Adding to the signature wash your vehicle will be treated to a high quality hand wax, exterior plastics dressed and exhaust tips polished. Giving your paintwork protection and a professional valet look. 

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Basic Interior 


Approximately 0.5h - 2.5h 

Designed as a way to maintain your vehicles interior, we go through your vehicle removing as much dirt and dust without shampooing.  This can be used as a monthly valet giving you the lower end of the price or a cheaper alternative to a full valet if you believe your vehicle is well looked after. 

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Full interior 


Approximately 4h - 6h  

A intensive clean of your interior, everything shampooed from headlining, seats, carpets and matts. All interior plastics and leather will be deep cleaned with plastics dressed and leather conditioned. Nothing left untouched. 

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Showroom Valet  


Approximately 3 days - 4 days 

A Full detail, interior and exterior. Our full interior clean will be included as well as a exterior valet then on top of this we will compound your paint to remove as many swirls and blemishes as possible then polish to refine the paintwork to a high gloss finish. Bringing your vehicle back to a showroom condition. 

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Approximately 1h

Ask for extras add a hour on to your booking to make small requests maybe you  would like a basic interior and just add one or two seats shampooed or a little mark polished out your paint work. We can Taylor make your valet to suit your needs. 

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Machine Polishing & Ceramic protection

Please follow the link to our gtechniq page.